Sample Engagement Tools

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First impressions matter. We will help you start a process that touches the hearts and minds of the workforce on day one. Orientation tools include: a PowerPoint Presentation that introduces the eTracker engagement system, forms, a clarity booklet, start-up surveys and milestones surveys.


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Clarity Booklet

BBS Sample Form

Productivity Sample Form

eTracker Powerpoint Sample

Site Visuals

We help you create a visual environment that reinforces the message that we are better together. The physical environment can set the tone for the workers to feel connected, that they belong, that they are safe and that their input matters.

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Engagement Poster Series Sample

Explanation Guide Sample

Input Poster Sample

Thanks Banner Sample

Feedback Loop

Most programs fail because of the inability of the system to quickly provide positive feedback to the workforce. We expect to get continuous input form the workers, but when the workers see no visual or tangible evidence that they are making a difference, the source of input dries up. When this happens, apathy is created instead of building engagement. Our system enables you to provide multiple avenues of immediate feedback, increased engagement, problem discovery, and value creation.





Our system makes it easy for you to pinpoint, recognize and reward excellence. It allows you to work with intrinsic motivators and  extrinsic motivators. Individual recognition that is soon certain and positive, increases desired results and allows the recipient to serve as a role model to others.

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Thank You Card Sample

Certificate Sample


Employee Recognition Sample

Recognition Letter Sample


What if there was a communication portal that would enable the following:

  1.  Workers receive information directly to their phone
  2.  Send alerts
  3.  Send micro-lessons to the worker’s phones discussing the top issues from the data
  4.  Share progress reports
  5.  Circulate success stories
  6.  Post and distribute recognition awards

Ask about a communication portal during your call!